The Most Unconventional Ways To Learn Interior Design

One characteristic that all successful interior designers London have is a natural flair for design. Regardless of the training that a person undergoes, if they have no natural talent they are likely to find the work very difficult. This also means that even if you have had no formal training, you can still make a name for yourself as an interior designer. There are a number of unconventional ways that you can learn about the art of interior design.

Offer Your Services For FreeWhen you are starting out in the field of interior design London, it can be hard to find work if you do not have the necessary experience. One way of getting this experience is to offer to work on a project for free. This can be something that you do for your family or friends, or you may be able to offer your services to a charity that can make use of them. When you have completed your project, ensure that you take photographs that you can add to your portfolio, and always ask for references from those who you have been working alongside.

Make The Most Of Social Media

It is very common for most small businesses to have a profile on social media sites, By following a number of interior designers London on these sites, you will have a chance to interact with them directly. If you can build up a good rapport with a firm, then you may be able to approach them for work experience. Social media is also an excellent place for you to share your work with the people that you connect with, and this will lead to an increased awareness of your talents as an interior designer.

Attend Lectures And Seminars

Sometimes interior designers will give lectures outside of a formal educational setting, and if you have an opportunity to attend one of these seminars, then you should take it. Not only will you have a lot to learn from the person who is giving the lecture, it will also give you the perfect chance to network with other people from interior design London companies. The fact that you have turned up to a lecture about interior design will show your enthusiasm for the job, and when you talk to others you will be able to build on this.

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