Rental Bikes and Cities

Hiring a bike is no longer simply the preserve of holidays and tourists. It is quickly becoming a viable alternative to cars, expensive taxis or public transport for navigating cities. Ever since Boris Johnson started his famed bike rental scheme in London, during his term as Mayor, the idea has become increasingly popular. And no wonder. It’s an environmentally friendly, convenient and economic way of getting around, and more and more cities are adopting the idea.

The idea of bike rental is nothing new. Holiday companies have long offered the facility, but what makes schemes like London’s Boris Bikes effective is the ability to hire a cycle cheaply for short periods of time. And unlike traditional cycle hire, these bike rental schemes mean you don’t have to get your bike back to a hire shop. Instead, special cycle storage points are set up at strategic points around the town or city where bikes can be dropped off and picked up from. You should easily be able to find one near the start or end points of your journey.

The added bonus of schemes like Boris Bikes is that they operate on a pay as you go basis and can cost as little as a couple of pounds a day. Added to that their environmental credentials, significantly lowering congestion and pollution in our cities, and you’re on to a win win situation.

Hire schemes have revolutionised the way people get around cities. Office workers in London can now bypass traffic and get fresh air and exercise on the way to their next appointment. As more and more cities embrace the scheme, city cycle hire looks to be one of the biggest travel options of the future. And not just for tourists, but for the areas long term residents and workers too.